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    The project’s films participated in international film festivals in Canada, the USA, France, Slovenia and Germany (2013-2022).

    Running time of each film: 18 — 26 minutes

    Total running time of the complete collection of films (30 films): more than 10.5 hours

    Producer & director: Konstantin Galat

    Information about the RideThePlanet media project:

    We have been implementing the RideThePlanet media project for 13 years. The project is Russian, independent, original and in fact is the first of its kind in Russia and the world. The basis of the project is the regular and almost online creation of visual content: filming documentaries in various interesting parts of the planet, articles and photo reports, publications on TV in print media and the Internet, holding their own exhibitions and film premieres, producing music.

    RideThePlanet project is a series of colorful stories shown through the eyes of top extreme sport athletes. These documentaries about freeriding and travelling take you on impressive trips to remote lands. The destinations are often unusual, to say the least, and won’t be found on any tourist agencies lists. Teams of riders discover unique landscapes, then use them for their action sports and explore the cultural and ethnical diversity of the location. Our stars are best professional skiers and snowboarders, whitewater kayakers and mountain bikers, mountain guides, helicopter pilots – in short, people who feel most at home in unforgettable nature spots.

    Over the years, 38 documentaries have been created, united by a common idea and presentation style – filming took place in various mountainous regions of the planet – in the Russian Caucasus and the Alps, in Japan, Kashmir, Norway, Georgia, Abkhazia, Catalonia, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Africa, Lofoten Islands, Russian Arctic, Crimea, Altai Mountains and Kamchatka.