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    Status: Post-production

    Genre: Historical Drama

    Country of Origin: Russia

    Duration: 90 min

    Director: Marusya Fomina

    Writer: Tikhon Kornev, Igor Poplaukhin (Cinéfondation, 2018)


    S.L.O.N. is a Russian acronym for Solovetsky Lagyer Osobogo Nazhacheniya (Solovky Special Prison Camp). This story is based on actual events. Georgi Mikhailovich Osorgin, an imperial cavalry guard, was executed at the Solovetsky particular purpose camp (S.L.O.N.) in 1929.
    The film covers the last three days of his life, which he spent with his wife, Lina, who came to visit him. After the departure of his wife, Osorgin was shot, and for the longest time, she did not suspect the execution took place. The camp authorities took Osorgin’s word of honor and said he would not inform Lina about his fate. In the fall of 1929, 400 to 800 prisoners, including Georgi Osorgin, were shot and buried in a pit in the Solovetsky camp by order of the Bolsheviks. On the morning of the execution, the ground was still moving. This film will be made to commemorate the repressions that swept across Russia during the Revolution, the Civil War, and the Great Terror.