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Super Meow

    GENRE: adventure, entertainment, fantasy, comedy 

    AUDIENCE: preschool, 5–7 y.o.

    EPISODE LENGTH: 7 minutes

    NUMBER OF EPISODES: 52, 1st season

    References: Top Wing, The Powerpuff Girls

    TAGLINE: Together, we’re superpowered!

    LOGLINE: Whenever a supercat retires, his superpowers find a new owner, but this time the superpowers split apart and ended up in several kittens, each of whom acquired only one super-talent. Now five very different kittens are students at Supercat School. They have to learn to work as a team, since it’s only together that they are fully superpowered. But there’s someone else who dreams of getting them as his own students: Arnold, the principal of Supervillain Academy.